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Craziness!! They’re Back….

It will go down in history as the simultaneous touchdown , interception blunder or the Monday Night Game that brought back the real official. After the debacle that was week 3, from the safeties that were or weren’t, pass interference calls that were or weren’t. A referees hat that was thrown in the field of play that cost Kevin Ogletree (Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys) a touchdown, also cost me fantasy points. After the dust settled from the craziness that was Week 3. We have the right officials on the sidelines now. But how long will we let Mike Carrey and Ed Hoculi have their honeymoon of making the right call or if its against your team the wrong one. Craziness!!


NFL week 2 craziness (officials!!!)

Replacement officials are being watched, mocked and criticized on every flag, review and non-flag thrown. The coaches and players seem to be getting fed up with the whole situation. Mike Tirico said it best during Monday nights game ” their like the substitute teacher.” All the players are pushing the limits on what they couldn’t get away with when Big Ed Hochuli was roaming the side lines. Should the officials really be the ones being blamed. Maybe they should be looking at who’s behind the whole thing. It looks like it might take someone getting hurt in one of many altercations that went on during some the games between players over the weekend. Or a very critical game that might have the outcome changed by an official who has a favorite team playing at the time. Craziness!!!  

NFL Week 1 Craziness!!

Week 1 in the books. What a week 1 it was too. From starting rookie QB’s, second year QB’s to long-snappers and of course the “Mistro” Peyton freaking Manning. What can you say about a guy that was away from team football for over 600 days. But played like it wasn’t even a hiccup. Peyton started in the huddle but by the game he was running the no-huddle offense like he had been in Denver the last 10 years and not in Indy. 5 rookie QB’s started week 1. Robert Griffin III was the only one to record a win. 5 second year QB’s started also and only Christian Pounder got a win against another second year QB Blaine Gabbert. Poor Travis Goethel, who is that you ask? Well he is the long-snapper for the Oakland Raiders you will hear about for the rest of the year. Travis replaced Jon Condo last night after Condo went out of the game with a head injury he got from one of his own players. Travis’s night would unravel after that. 2 snaps in the dirt, and blocked punt to go with it. Which really wasn’t his fault but he’s going to take the blame. 15 more weeks of this. So cant wait to see which rookie QB’s step up, which second year QB’s will have a sophomore slump, can Peyton “freaking” Manning really keep this up and how many Travis Goehtel’s there will be this year. Craziness!!!