Monthly Archives: December 2012

Craziness NFL Playoff Push…

This is the time of the year when certain teams play there hardest either to get into the playoffs or they’ve already made it. Some teams also get to play spoiler for teams that on the bubble and need to win on the road or have some other crazy scenarios play out. But this year has to be the year in a long time that there are several teams still fighting to get home field along with winning their divisions. AFC side, of course the Patriots ,Texans have pretty much sealed it up. Surprise surprise to anyone but himself Peyton Manning has the Broncos in the playoffs with the Andrew Luck led Colts nipping at their heels. The Steelers, Ravens and Bengals bringing up the rear. In the real conference NFC the Falcons, Niners and Packers have it pretty much sewed up. But the beast is always in the east and my Boys (Cowboys that is)and Skins are tied @ 7-6 fighting for the division but still behind the G-men @ 8-5. Crazier things have happen so I will make sure to keep ya’ll updated….Craziness!!