NFL Craziness!!

So the NFL football season is upon. Preseason that is. The NFL is having to use replacement officials this year. One replacement officials happens to be the first female officials in NFl history. Shannon Eastin made her debut during the Packers, Chargers game. I know what your thinking she’s gonna get hurt or will she even be able keep up. Shannon has wanted to play football since she was a girl. Her mom wouldn’t let her. So they compromised, but not on what you think either. Not softball, basketball or lacrosse, but Judo. She went on to win six, SIX not one or two, but SIX National Judo Championship. In that time at the age of 11, she became the youngest athlete ever accepted to train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. So maybe its not her we need to worry about, and we’ll see how this plays out. All I have to say is “You Go Girl!!’ Craziness!! 



So is it cray that a player on a team would say his team is going to win the championship. No matter how they went about doing it. Whether it was during a TV interview or a newspaper ad(Ryan Kalil center for the Carolina Pathers). Because I remember the day, back in my day. Yes so long ago(lol). That I would always start the season off telling myself “self we’ll be satisfied if we just make it to the playoffs.” The statement “championship or bust” is so true. A busted season is a season that ends without a championship. Craziness!!

Olympic Craziness!!

We wait 4 years for the olympics. So its really hard to get amped up because there is so much time between. I’ll tell you this “once they get in the swing of things, its hard not to catch yourself screaming and yelling at the TV like you would for any sport”. Craziness!!


After absorbing and taking in everything the last 2 days. I get to put together the hard work and effort. This will hopefully work hard and be effortless for me to put it all out. As I try to solve the social media maze. Just by Facebook, blogging, and tweeting. As they say, who ever they are. “Work smart, not hard!!”. Craziness!! 


I’ve just come up to times in the social media world. I’ve figured out how far behind the times I really am. There are many, many benefits to having Facebook, twitter, linked in, and the great word press. The last 2 days have been an overload. I can’t wait to be able to step away and debrief myself to be able to really breakdown the walls of the social media “Craziness!!”